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Broiler Commodity Reports

EMI publishes daily broiler commodity prices on over 65 fresh and frozen categories.  Reported prices are based on actual invoiced transactions sent electronically to EMI from primary producers.  Over 90 percent of the commodity pounds are reflected in our report.  In addtion to providing a national daily price, EMI also provides a range, volume, the number of transactions, and other pertient data that is associated with each reported commodity price.

Sample Price Reports

Poultry Market Forecasts

EMI's economists construct industry forecasts and provide detailed commentaries which benefit our clients with market visibility.  This forward-looking analysis can be utilized for a multitude of pricing and planning purposes.  Forecasts include, but are not limited to:  production, supply, prices, feed ingredients, industry cost and returns, exports, and international trade.  Beef and pork perspectives are presented in relation to their impact on the poultry industry.  Monthly webcasts are held to discuss developing issues affecting the market.  Talking points include feed ingredients, broiler cost and returns, broiler markets, broiler production, turkey production and price, international trade, and outlooks on beef and pork.

Sample Forecasts

Vital Signs Newsletter

Vital Signs is a monthly publication containing market recaps, industry trends and articles written by EMI economists and associates. The articles cover a wide range of current issues impacting the broiler, turkey, and egg industries. Archived issues are available.

Sample Newsletter

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