Meet Our Economists

Eric Scholer, President of EMI

Prior to joining EMI, Eric was with Risk Management Commodities Inc. as an analyst for a broad range of commodities including grains, livestock, metals and energies with a focus primarily on grains.  He worked with many grain and livestock producers providing hedge recommendations for their operations as well as performed many extension meetings with WILL radio from the University of Illinois. 

He received a Master’s in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University after completing a thesis on new grain marketing contracts and their usefulness for producers.  He also received a Bachelor’s in Agricultural Economics with a minor in Agronomy from Purdue.


Amanda Martin, Director of Poultry Analytics -Turkey and Egg

Prior to joining EMI, Amanda was a Sales and Product Mix Specialist with Agri Stats, Inc.  In this position, she analyzed and audited turkey and broiler sales and product mix data, and worked with processing and further reprocessing reports. 

Amanda holds a B.S. degree from Purdue University, graduating with honors in Agricultural Economics, with a minor in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences.  While at Purdue, Amanda conducted research and internships with Monsanto and the USDA-ARS-National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory.  


Ty Neff, Director of Red Meat Analytics 

Ty has served in a variety of roles at EMI, from assisting the poultry, red meat, and grain analytics teams, to playing a leading role in the red meat analytics. 

Prior to joining EMI, Ty was a Turkey Audit Specialist with Agri Stats, Inc.  He worked as a Turkey Breeder and Hatchery Auditor, and then moved into the role of Turkey Growout Auditor.  In these positions, Ty audited and analyzed the turkey breeder, hatchery, growout flocks, live haul, and feed mill data.  Prior to Agri Stats, he worked for fifteen years as an accountant in the cold storage and manufacturing industries.


Brock Snouffer, Grains and Commodity Analyst  

Prior to becoming the Grains and Commodity Analyst at EMI, Brock was an Analyst at EMI. In this position he was responsible for collection of data for the EMI beef, pork, poultry, and grains databases.  Brock also assisted in production of the EMI webcast, and the Red Meat and Poultry analytics.

Prior to joining EMI, Brock obtained a B.S. in Economics and a B.S. in History from Indiana University. While at IU, he worked as an undergraduate intern in the economics department, assisting with introductory micro and macroeconomic courses.